Getting Started with NAV Start

When you have the program downloaded and installed, you can use some of the tips shown here to get started.

The following examples will use the command line interface to launch NAV RTC. In order to run these examples you should open a command prompt and change the directory to the location where NAV Start is installed. This is most likely C:\Program Files\NAV Start.

Please note that if you do not use the parameters for client, server, and company, it will use the default values on your system.

All of the examples below are based on the sample data found in the CRONUS company.

Exampel: Open the Customer page 21

To open the customer page 21 without specifying a specific customer number you can use the following command line:

NAVSTART page=21

Exampel: Open the Customer page 21 and show customer 20000

If you want to show a specific record then you need to specify the table number and the primary key for that record.

NAVSTART page=21 table=18 keytype1=code keyvalue1="20000"

Exampel: Open Sales Orders page 48 with multiple key values

Some pages run on tables with keys of more than one field. This is an example that shows how to run page 48 with a primary key of 3 fields.

NAVSTART page=48 table=37 keytype1=option keyvalue1="1" keytype2=code keyvalue2="101005" keytype3=int keyvalue3="10000"