The functionality of the COM API is similar to that of the .NET assembly. However, the syntax is a bit different to make it user friendly to COM enabled programming languages.

You can use it to launch the RTC or create bookmarks for specific records in NAV tables.

Here are a couple of examples created in VB Script.

Rem -- Open NAV 2013R2 and show customer 20000
Set launcher = CreateObject("MoreNav.Launcher")

Rem -- You can specify a client if you want to run a specific client. 
Rem -- Otherwise, it will try to detect the client.
Rem -- launcher.ClientExecutable = "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\71\RoleTailored Client\Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Client.exe"

Rem -- You can optionally set the server address.
Rem -- launcher.ServerAddress = "localhost:7046/dynamicsnav71"

Rem -- You can optionally set the company name.
Rem -- launcher.CompanyName = "CRONUS International Ltd."

launcher.TableNo = 18
launcher.PageNo = 21
launcher.AddKeyField "code", "20000"


Rem -- Create a bookmark for customer 20000 in NAV 2013
Set launcher = CreateObject("MoreNav.Launcher")
launcher.TableNo = 18
launcher.NavVersion = "7"
launcher.AddKeyField "code", "20000"
bookmark = launcher.CreateBookmark()
Wscript.Echo "The bookmark is " & bookmark