NAV Start

Launch the Role Tailored Client and open a specific page and record.

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With this tool you can start the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Role Tailored Client and open a specific record.

You can do it from a command line or use the API from your own program.


  • Easy to install.
  • Easy to use.
  • Command Line Interface.
  • Managed Microsoft.NET API.
  • COM API.
  • Create bookmarks for records.
  • Tested with NAV 2009, 2009 SP1, 2009 R2, 2013, and 2013 R2.


When the first Role Tailored Client was introduced for Microsoft Dynamics NAV it was no longer an easy task to open the client at a specific record. A new syntax was introduced that required the use of a record bookmark. These bookmarks uniquely identifies a record and are built on complex rules inside the NAV client.

The NAV Start tool can generate these bookmarks for you without the use of the NAV client. You can launch the NAV client from a command line or use the API to create bookmarks for any record in your NAV database.

Being able to create these bookmarks enables you to launch NAV from an external tool that integrates to NAV. Maybe you want to show a specific customer record or a sales order. This is now made easy with the NAV Start tool.

How can I use it?

You can use one of the following interfaces:

  • Command Line
  • .NET API

The simplest interface is the command line interface. Using that, you can compose a command line that will launch NAV RTC with your selected record in focus.

Programmers can use the .NET API or the COM API depending on the development platform they use.