The NAV Finder is a tool that helps you find information in your NAV database. It uses a set of predefined queries that you can select from when searching the database. One query could be designed to find contact information whereas another can look for information on invoices and credit memos. One of the strengths of this tool is that it can search multiple tables at the same time. I ship the tool with a set of commonly used queries but you can modify these or add new ones if you want to search for something else.

How Does It Work

When you search the NAV database using the NAV Finder it will connect directly to the SQL server. This means that it doesn't require a running NAV client or a NAV session to perform the search. It will use the predefined query you choose for your search. The query is a SQL statement defined in an XML file located in a subfolder to the application folder.

The result from the query is shown in a list and you can select a row from the list and open your NAV client from there. The NAV client will launch if it isn't already running and show the information in NAV.

SQL Connection

Before you can use the NAV Finder you need to tell it how to connect to your NAV SQL database. This is done via the connection dialog. You can open this dialog from the menu File->Conncection. Read more...


When the NAV Finder is installed it will normally start itself when you log on to your Windows desktop. It will show a small icon in your system tray. That is the list of small icons that is normally located in the lower right corner of your desktop.

You can bring up the search windows in a couple of ways. One is to double or right click the icon in the system tray. Another is to use the program hotkey, which you can assing yourself. By default it is the Windows key + S. The hotkey is the most efficient way to use the program. This means that you can press the hotkey from essentially anywhere in Windows and get the search window. Read more...


Running a search from the search window is relatively simple. You type the text you want to search for and press the search button. When the SQL server returns a result it will be shown in the list below the search field.

Press to down-arrow to go through the search result. When you have selected the result you want to see in NAV you hit return or press the open button.