One of the fundamental things in the design of this tool was that it should be simple to install. You can download the setup program and run it. The setup wizard will guide you through the installation and you can essentially click "Next" all the way without making any difficult choices.

When the program is installed you just need to set up the SQL connection to your NAV SQL database.


There are some simple requirements. The program needs Microsoft.NET 4.0 to be installed. Normally this is installed with the Windows Update service and therefore already on most machines.

More importantly I should mention what is NOT required.

  • The NAV Finder does NOT require any changes to your NAV.
  • The NAV Finder does NOT require any NAV objects.
  • The NAV Finder does NOT require a separate NAV user session.


You can remove the program from your computer through the Windows Control Panel. All the installed files are removed. User specific configuration settings and changed files are typically not removed. However, if you want to preserve any changed files it is recommended that you make a backup before removing the program.