Find a Person or Company

One of the cool features of the NAV Finder is that it searches multiple tables at the same time. This is clearly illustrated when you search for a person or a company. In this case it will look for both persons and companies in the contact table. On top of that it will scan the customer table for possible matches and show these results together with the results from the contacts.

The type of the match is show both in the Type column and by the icon used for each match.

Find Text on Sales Invoice Lines

Did you ever go through the hassle of finding an invoice with a specific text on one of the lines. The NAV finder was built to handle a case like that. You can find matching line descriptions and item numbers on both sales invoices and credit memos. Again, both tables are searched in one go. You will see both invoices and credit memos in the same result. This gives you a fantastic overview.

Find your Mercedes

This is not about remembering where you parked your car... but almost. Have you ever tried to find the purchase invoice for a specific piece of hardware. I have and it hasn't always been easy. In some case you want to search purchase invoice lines for information such as model or serial numbers. Being able to quickly find your purchase order can help you when dealing with suppliers or coworkers.

Custom Queries

The screens above are examples from some of the standard queries that are shipped with the product. Remember that you can add new queries and extend the functionality of the NAV Finder.